Duration :2005-2007

Budget: 360.000,-Euro


Projects achievement is the open and unbiased sharing of information and knowledge; informing each European country population about the unique characteristics of another European country population. Knowledge of the “other” will only help to establish bridges between people.  POWAR project aspires to contribute to the knowledge of the “other” and thus to the afore-mentioned goals. Organizations participating in the project are active in various fields, thus being complementary to one another and offering to the project a kaleidoscopic perspective on the issues at hand.

New technologies have facilitated the implementation of the project. They have enhanced the effort to bring together isolated groups of people living in remote corners of Europe and make them express their opinion. Our different past, however, is but a past. The future and the common goals lie ahead. Our knowledge of the “other’s” past makes us less rigorous in our judgement of the “other”, providing us with greater understanding, making us more tolerant and willing to co-operate in order to create a common future for a united Europe.


  • Project Coordination PCM
  • Cooperation with Ankara Bar Association to prepare the Training Curriculum
  • Delivery of training courses awareness raising
  • Implementation Training on a national scale
  • Dissemination on an international scale
  • Website construction