Duration: 2005-2007

Budget: 380.000,-Euro


The aim of the project is improvement of language competences in the languages Turkish, Finnish and Hungarian and to strengthen a dialog among different countries and cultures through a new method. The NEWAP team develops a language-learning system based on the basic pattern of a language with focus on concrete experiences related cultural implications and relevant language items located in situations in the target language environment. The NEWAP team does not only develop language materials but it brings distance cultures together. The project applies the observation that the effort to understand related languages implies an exercise in comparing, and it therefore provides a basis for elementary comparison.

The method stresses structural similarities as vowel harmony, lack of gender, agglutinative typology, with correspondences within three languages, reconstructing common proto-forms, explaining the developments leading from them. The basic module makes possible to learn three languages at the same time by comparative approach. The products are language-learning materials cover Finnish, Hungarian and Turkish as foreign languages consist of a basic module for comparative approach for three languages and three separate modules for basic level A2 for each language, with workbook, audio- /video files and glossary.


  • Project Coordination PCM
  • Implementation of Language training courses
  • Online language learning tool: development of technology
  • Online language learning tool: development of content and methodology
  • Cooperation with Employers’ Association to develop content