LdV UK/05/B/P/PP-162_322 Leonardo,

Duration : 2005-2007

Budget: 350.000,-Euro


VOLICITY involves Turkish speaking young people (aged 16-25 years) in Germany, Turkey and the UK working in partnership with Creative Industry employers in each country. The aim is to design and accredit a training programme that enables young people to gain skills, knowledge and experience about work in the Creative Industries. The training programme will be available as an e-learning course in three languages (English, German and Turkish) in 2007.

The project VOLICITY will develop a competence based model of pre-vocational and pre-employment learning which will combine generic employability and key skills with learning and skills development specific to employment in the cultural and creative industries (CCI). At its core will be a structured unit- based e-learning programme in three languages (English, German, Turkish) for use by disadvantaged young people (aged 16 – 25) from Turkish-speaking communities in the three partner countries – UK, Germany and Turkey.


  • Project Coordination PCM
  • Planning and implementing Training courses
  • eProfiling
  • ePortfolio-establishment
  • eCommunity-building
  • Organize Employers Forum
  • Create employment possibilities for the uemployed youth