TR0405.02/LDI/225, Improving Capacity In Mechatronic Field And E-Learning

Duration: 2006-2007

Budget: 80.000,-Euro

Project was prepared by Dilek Volkan

The aim of the Project is to develop, apply, generalize and support the capacities of the companies with a mecatronic curriculum that is modular, flexible, modern and suitable for EU standards including the successful experience and applications of Germany required for Konya Metallic Equipment, Measurement, Mechanical Industry, Chemistry, Petroleum, Rubber, Plastic Industry and Textile, Weaving, Confection, Leather Industry with the help of information and communication Technologies.

Specific objective: A modular occupational education programme will be developed by transferring occupational curriculum applied in Germany in the area of mechatronic to the universities and local educators and its pilot application will be done. Generalization will be provided by the establishment of Multiplicators and the dialog between the university and industry.

Native and foreign part-time experts charged within the Project will give training to update the technical information of native education experts from the universities and companies. The training module prepared by native and foreign experts is going to be tested as a talent development education on total 60 workers working in the stated companies. The Project outputs will be generalized with activities such as web portal, seminar, brochures, etc.and it will be presented as a model for civilian society organizations such as MEB, İŞKUR and related ones.


  • Project Coordination PCM
  • Planing and implementation Mechatronic Training by FESTO
  • Market Research & Needs’ Analysis
  • Web Page Design
  • eLearning Platform
  • Conference Organization
  • Cooperation with Employers
  • Create employment possibilities for new graduates
  • reporting