Duration: 2007-2009

Budget: 284.057,-Euro


Since labour is demanded across borders, documentation methods that are closely linked to national (vocational) training systems and their rules are no longer adequate. Practical competences need to be described in a way that is separate from national educational systems and explains practically relevant learning outcomes beyond formal certificates. Especially within the LdV programme major experiences and results has been gathered in the past. One of the projects that has been highlighted as “best-practice” in this area is the project EXEMPLO 2003-2006 (1)

Problems of acquisition and description of competences are still prevailing in most countries but the need is even more visible in Germany, Romania, Greece and Turkey. In Germany “there has been little need for recognition of non-formal and informal learning” (2) and “experiences are limited” (3). In Greece “the profile of validation has been rising on the national policy agenda” since several years (4) but “without any overall framework”. In Turkey the economy is deeply rooted in Enterprises incl. SMEs and the national VET policies and structures are not that much stable and developed like in other areas of Europe (2). As a consequence there are very few experiences with recognition of non-formal achievements.


  • Delivery of training courses awareness raising
  • Employers forum
  • Dissemination on an international scale