Duration : 2007-2009

Budget: 287.645,-Euro

Project was prepared by Dilek Volkan

Across Europe, the trend in psychiatric care is from in-patient to outpatient treatment. In the field of outpatient treatment, the project will develop a modular concept for technical further and continuous training of nursing staff.So far psychiatric patient care has almost continuously been tied to a stationary service such as a hospital. However, the new and tested perspective to install care manpower in the ambulatory psychiatric care has yielded in shortening and avoidance of the hospitalization, and also in avoidance of home-stays. This innovation in psychiatric patient care has brought the service into the community and raised the demand for care.

The objective of  this Leonardo Pilot Project,  „ Development of Ambulatory Psychiatric Patient Care in Field (Provinces)“ is the  conception and establishment of a technical and special  developmental training for the care staff in Ambulatory Psychiatric Care. Nearby, the betterment of the quality of psychiatric care activities stays at foreground corresponding to demands of ambulatory provision. The development training Modules.


  • Project Coordination PCM
  • Delivery of training courses
  • Training Implementation on a national scale
  • Coordination between Training Providers and learners
  • support in policy-making process at central and local level particularly issues regarding training
  • Dissemination on an international scale
  • Survey for Needs Assessment
  • Reporting
  • Project Evaluation