An Innovative Approach,  LLP-LdV-TOI-2007-TR-026

Duration: 2007-2009

Budget: 285.917,-Euro

Project was prepared by Dilek Volkan & Beneficiary Organization

There are 246,899 enterprises in the manufacturing industry, which employ 2,043,815 people in Turkey. SMEs constitute; 99.8 % of total enterprises including those in the service sector, 76.7 % of total employment, 38.0 % of total investments, 26.5 % of total value added, but only 10.0 % of total exports. This situation could be enhanced. However, export training is almost non-existent. A field study carried out by Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB) in 2004 staff from only 953 SMEs out of 38.342 got any training in exports. One of the most important barriers to export can be considered as the insufficient skills and competence of staff. This is also a common situation for the SMEs in EU. Recently, there has been increasing pressure on companies to compete in a global market. In order to meet the pressures that these new demands create, an intermediary support system must adopt to strengthen the foreign trade capabilities of SMEs.

The 9th Development Plan stipulates problems such as insufficient quality of vocational education, lack of lifelong learning practices in particular, deficiencies in capital accumulation and technological renovation processes lead to degradation in labour efficiency.

In Turkey, there are sources, also available on internet, such as Export Promotion Centre (IGEME) and exporter associations that provide regular information regarding exporting, however, SMEs have to rely on their banks for any meaningful advice due to lack of training opportunities. 59% of the SMEs have access to internet. Furthermore, one of the basic goals set out in the Ninth Development Plan for 2007-2013 is transforming Turkey to an information society. The Strategy includes social transformation, information and communication technologies adoption by businesses.


  • Project Management and coordination
  • Survey Report about Needs Assesment for Training
  • Delivery of training courses
  • Training Implementation on a national scale
  • Employers Forum
  • Dissemination on an international scale