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  • 1-Project Title: EU-Networking/Training/Seminars, On Food Safety & Additives In Food, To Consumer & SMEs
    Project No: CSD-IV/AGR/29/ Civil Society Dialogue
    Budget: 162.348,96Euro
    Period: 2016-2017

    Specific objective is establishment of strong links and a high level cooperation between civil society in Turkey and the EU Member State Spain through civil society dialogue in the area of food Safety & Additives where civil society dialogue is particularly valuable for Turkey’s successful accession to the EU

  • 2-Project Title: Entrepreneurial learning and development of entrepreneurial skills by EU Network
    Project No: CSD-IV/ENT/ 12
    Budget: 162.348,96Euro
    Period: 2016-2017

This Project is to achieve a high level of mutual understanding between Finance sectors of civil society in Turkey and in the EU Member States, including the implications of Turkey’s EU membership. Entrepreneurial learning and development of entrepreneurial skills by Entrepreneurial Training for students and Finance Management Training for SMEs by cooperation of universities and EU partner,

  • 3-Project Title: Skill for farmers-SKIFF
    Project No: GRANT AGREEMENT Nº 2015-1-EL01-KA202-013970
    Budget: 373.875,00Euro
    Period: 2015-2017

Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock  of Turkey

This project focuses on the following themes:
The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform 2014-2020 foresees the strengthening of three long-term objectives (viable food production, sustainable management of natural resources and balanced territorial development) under current economic and other challenges, which call for improved competitiveness and an increase of agricultural productivity in EU.

  • 4-Project Title: Food Recovery and Waste Reduction-FoodWard
    Project No: GRANT AGREEMENT Nº 2014-1-TR01-KA204-013041
    Period: 2014-2016

This project focuses on the following themes:
• Compositional analysis of food waste and losses in Turkey, Italy, Germany and Slovakia.
• Food waste quantification in milk, meat and canning sectors.
• Training of production engineers in plants.
• Building awareness of waste problem.
• Reducing food waste and creating a sustainable food future.

  • 5-Project Title: MASTERMIND MAnagement of mental health diSorders Through advancEd technology andseRvices – teleHealth for the MIND
    Project No: GRANT AGREEMENT Nº 621000
    Period: 2014-2017

Middle East Technical University-Informatics Institute

The aim of this intervention is to give access to computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (cCBT) without the need for repeated sessions with a GP or mental health specialist for patients suffering from depression.

  • 6-Project Title: PRACTYCE II
    Project No: GRANT AGREEMENT Nº C6-621771
    Budget: 547.494,-Euro
    Period: 2014-2016

AFYON Chamber of Commerce & İndustry

The main aim of the PRACTYCEII project is to continue the actions undertaken under PRACTYCE and select young entrepreneurs and host entrepreneurs to be engaged in a greater number of relationships together, assisting them in their exchange, allowing the NEs to develop their skills regarding business management from the one side, and opening new perspectives to experienced entrepreneurs on the other side

  • 7-Project Title: H-CODE, Competence Development in Health Precaution for disadvantaged target groups and teachers/trainers in adult education and qualification
    Project No: 2005- 15794
    Budget: 317.511,80 EUR
    Period: 2013-2015

Germany – Spain and Turkey

H-CoDe (Health COmpetence DEvelopment) is based on the experiences of the Grundtvig-Multilateral Project “50Fit – Employability and health precaution for long-term unemployed people 50 plus.” Identified reasons of unemployment and barriers for the (re-)entering to the labour market are  various health problems.

  • 8-Project Title: Good Agricultural Practices for Development
    Project No: 2013-1-GR1-LEO04-15222 4
    Budget: 16.000,-Euro
    Period: 2013-2015

Greek Ministry of Agriculture & Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock  of Turkey

It is commonly accepted that the agricultural production has been reduced since the adoption of new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in 2003. Furthermore volatile agricultural markets have increased dramatically the uncertainty of the farmers for their future.

  • 9-Project Title: citiZENs: friendly citites-cities for all
    Project No: 2012-1-ES1-GRU06-53530-8
    Budget: 16.000,-Euro
    Period: 2012-2014

Spain- İtaly and Turkey

citiZENs project bases on some lacks perceived by several European professionals, specialised in the fields of inclusion, training and equal opportunities.

  • 10-Project Title: ESP - English for Specific Purposes in Tourism sector, e-Learning
    Project No: 21012-1-TR1-LEO05-35117
    Budget: 357.036.565,-Euro
    Period: 2012-2014
    Project was prepared by Dilek Volkan

Adıyaman Tourısim Provincial Directorate- Afyon Chamber of Commerce & Cukurova university

The project will contribute to sustainable development in the under developed Region of the partners' countries by increased Tourism activities in these Regions. 

  • 11-Project Title: Food Industry - Food Legislation, Impact Analysis, Training and Cooperation Network in Europe-E-Learning
    Project No: 21012-1-TR1-LEO05-35116
    Budget: 286.850,-Euro                         
    Period: 2012-2014
    Project was prepared by Dilek Volkan

Gaziantep University - Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock  of Turkey

The reason for the project: As a country at the stage of accession to the EU, Turkey signed Chapter 12 of the EU Food Legislation. After both parties (EU & Turkey) arrived at a consensus, the Turkish food legislation was changed and the implementation phase began.

  • 12-Project Title:Green Cultivation Actions
    Project No: 510226-LLP-1-2010-1-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
    Budget: 311.565,-Euro
    Period: 2010-2012

Greek Ministry of Agriculture & Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock  of Turkey

Production of training material and training of new farmers on the following:
The use of energy sources not dependent on fuel oil for the heating of greenhouses, dehydrators, etc., and for the operation of machines used in the cultivation and processing of products.The use of irrigation methods that require the least possible quantity of water.

  • 13-Project Title:REFORME BIO Construction Project, LdV-TOI, 2009-1-TR1-LEO05-08705
    Budget: 262.984,-Euro
    Project was prepared by Dilek Volkan


The project was contributed to construction professionals’ vocational training in partner countries, and in EU. It is crucial the industry professionals are well-trained and kept up to date in knowledge.

  • 14-Project Title:ISOEDU, Cyprus, LdV 2009-2010
    Project was prepared by Dilek Volkan

    Chamber of Turkish Cypriot Architects and Engineers

    By this project heat gains was defined, building components that are among the most important effecting parameters was emphasised, and a Training on insulation against cold required to be made with regard to heat gains realized in hot periods and on benefits to be obtained.

  • 16-Project Title:Pre- Integration Project, BAMF/Germany,
    Duration: 2009-2010
    Budget : 150.000,-Euro

    ESTA Bildungswerk

    This project aimed to create the awareness in the people about Germany, who is attending to immigrate to Germany. It is covering to make Counseling Meetings to the targeted Groups by contacting to Certification Organizations, language Schools and German Embassy. Project is financed by BAMF/Germany directly.

  • 17-Project Title:Roman Fashion Project, LdV/Multileteral 142223-LLP-1-2008-GR-LEONARDO-LMP, Greece,
    Duration: 2008-2010
    Budget: 365.463,-Euro

    Greece-Check Repubic, Spain  and Turkey

    This project’ aim was to improve the life chances of Roma women, while allowing them to retain their cultural specificity as is their right, by providing them with the necessary skills, training and support in developing a sustainable household

  • 18-Project Title:Qualification based certification in Insulation Sector Project
    IPA Programme in Turkey/CFCU, 2010
    Forming an accredited measurement and assessment centre based on  professional qualifications in Insulation Sector
    Project was prepared by Dilek Volkan for IZODER, Employers Association

    Objectives: The specific objective of the project is to establish, improve and operate Centre of Developing Vocational Qualifications based on Vocational Standards and Testing and Certificating Occupational Knowledge and Competency (VOC-TEST Centres) compatible with UYS in line with European Qualifications Framework in order to have a more qualified and standard competent  labour force in Insulation Sector.

  • 19-Project Title:DIALOG FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT: Energy Efficient Buildings project
    IPA - Socio-Economic Partnership Programme, 2010
    Project *was prepared by Dilek Volkan


    Overall objective: To increase the power of effect of the social partners and all the other related stakeholders and parts in the issue of “energy saving for a better environment”; get prepared for “the environment and rational use of energy policies” of the European Union; transfer the good applications of the European Union to the sector; sharing expertise and at the same time supporting improvement of the social dialogue and civil society dialogue